Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Booth setup at ArtExpo NY!

International ArtExpo is the world’s largest fine art trade show, providing dealers with access to thousands of wholesale works from artists and publishers in one single venue. Over its 30-year history, ArtExpo New York has hosted many of the world’s most renowned artists, including Andy Warhol, Peter Max, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Indiana and Leroy Neiman.

This is what the show looks like the day before it opens. Lots of setup pandemonium going on! The boxes behind me are all my paintings! I'm so happy they arrived safely. That's the biggest fear with a show like this--that somehow the artwork gets lost in transit, or arrives too late...and one must sit in an empty booth! Every box is accounted for, so I can rest easy! We did have to overnight 7 of these big boxes from Scottsdale to NY. Not cheap! But worth having the artwork for the show. Now we just have to get this booth together. It may take us all night! :)



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