Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cactus Paintings -- 6 x 6 Minis!

Elly and Steve Hammerman are avid art collectors. They've been coming to the Celebration of Fine Art show for 17 years! Last month, they purchased my "Out of Bounds" a 48 x 48 aspen painting with lots of colorful wildflowers. Steve saw my two 6" x 6" cactus paintings (my first desert scenes ever!) and had to add them to his collection!

I stopped by their home to deliver the two paintings, and to get a chance to see where the Hammermans had hung my "Out of Bounds" painting. It's such a treat for me to see where client's hang my work in their homes! It looked fantastic in one of the guest bedrooms. Everything in their home is Western, so it was unusual for them to collect something that wasn't of that genre. But I'm glad they made an exception with my work! :)
The funny thing is...the Hammermans didn't know I had painted a tiny golf flag in the background. They bought this piece because they liked the flowers. It was after they got it home and hung it up that a relative mentioned the "golf" motif. I guess they're not avid golfers! Steve joked with me later that had he seen the flag, he would have thought twice about that piece! I think he was kidding. :)

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