Monday, August 3, 2009

"The Joy of Spring" Giclee 48 x 36

In May, I received this very sweet and touching email from someone I had never met, but whom had admired my work for years:
"My husband and I have admired your paintings that Fred & Natalie Lynn have hanging in their home. We are good friends and next door neighbors. My husband recently passed away quite suddenly and we never had the chance to contact you. I would love to purchase one of your acrylic's on canvas, but can't quite afford it at this time. I've been looking at your Giclées and have an interest in the "The Joy of Spring," 48x60. Please let me know what the cost would be."
We ended up going with a 48 x 36 Giclée of "The Joy of Spring." I added a lot of extra texture and personalized the piece with the client's initials (and her late husband's) in one of the aspen trees with a heart. This was the email she sent me upon receiving her Giclée:
"Dearest Jennifer and family,

I unpacked my magnificent Giclée today with Natalie. Oh my gosh! It's more than I expected. It's absolutely gorgeous. It's beautiful. To see the heart with my beloved's initials and mine made me cry. Natalie and I just kept going on and on about how beautiful it is. So much depth and color. I will be sure to take pictures and send them to you. Thank you so very, very much for this wonderful piece of art that will be with me forever."
What a wonderful response! I was delighted to say the least. Nothing brings me more joy than painting for people like this dear lady.


Blogger Joy Oliver said...

And nothing gives me more pleasure than visiting your Blog, or FB page, to see what you're up too. Your work is magnificent! Love to you, Matt and the whole family.

January 13, 2010 at 9:23 PM  

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