Monday, July 20, 2009

"Colorado Spring"--24 x 72

This tall vertical size is really popular right now! It always sells extremely well. I think it's because this size is easy to fit in a house. At only 24" wide it doesn't take a lot of horizontal wall space up. I've done this type of scene before--but never a "Spring" one. Usually, I do it as an "Autumn" piece with lots of yellows and golds. Always I have the Colorado Mountains--"Maroon Bells" in the background. In this scene, I left the mountains with a bit of snow on they would be in Spring. The leaves of the Aspens are fresh and green, while purple and yellow wildflowers speckle the lush forest basin. As always, there's lots of texture in this piece! I literally 'sculpted' on each wild flower with a palette knife. Just shipped this painting off to Royal Street Gallery in Aspen, Colorado.

Here is one of my "Autumn" versions of this painting. Which one do you like better? This one is called, "Mountain Air" and is also currently hanging in Royal Street Gallery in Aspen, Colorado. Perhaps I'll do a whole "Seasons" series, and have them all hang together. That might be cool.

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