Tuesday, June 11, 2019

My Giclée Prices Going Up!

⬆️ Prices are going up on all my Giclées June 15th! 

If you're an art collector, this is great news! (Please click on the link below to receive your FREE updated Certificate of Value!) ❤️


But first, can I tell you a quick story?

I was lucky enough to land a big client—the CEO of La-Z-Boy, and was working with her team of designers in Sacramento, CA. They needed a lot of artwork for the homes they were designing for their annual Parade of Homes Showcase. They needed art, but more than I could produce...and they needed it quickly! The Parade of Homes Showcase was only 3 weeks away! 

I'd vaguely heard about Limited Edition Art Prints and then sometimes people would use a strange word connected to it, that sounded fancy and very French. "Gly-see?" I wasn't really sure....


I opened up the phone book (remember those?) and searched the yellow pages under "Printer," and dialed the first number I came to.

A man answered and I asked if he could make me "Gickley's." He had no idea what I was asking for. He thought I was talking about gum?!!


I tried rephrasing my question, "Can you make me…you know…one of those reproduction thingies of my painting?"


The lightbulb turned on! "Oh you mean a Giclée (Zhee-clay)? Yes! I can do that. Just bring me in the original painting, I'll need to scan it in order to make you a print."


So, I brought in my painting. But, turns out my paintings aren't that easy to "capture."


I tried 5 local Printers. No dice....


They'd take one look at my painting and invariably tell me…"your texture is too thick--impossible to photograph. There'll be too much shine."


And every one of them said, "Your paintings are way too BIG! We can't scan anything over a 24x24. There's just no way we can make a Giclée of your work."


I realized that Southern Oregon was just too small a town. I needed to broaden my horizons. I put my Giclee aspirations on hold for the moment and left for an art show in NYC.


It was at that NY Art Show when Squirt Printing from Sunnyvale, CA handed me a big 5"x5" square business card made out of canvas. It was so cool! Their business cards were literally cut swaths of printed canvas showing texture. The image was dynamite. The colors so vivid. I knew I wanted them to create my Giclées.


15 years later, Squirt Printing is still the company I use today. They are now relocated in Bend, Oregon, and they do an incredible job. My Giclées truly are BEST in the business!


Not all my paintings are available as Giclees. I have to pick and choose only my very favorites! It requires that I ship the actual original painting to Bend Oregon, so I have to be extremely picky. 

"The paintings that are hardest to part with.... the ones that are just a little more special.... become my Giclées"

Over the past 15 years, many of you have collected my Giclées. 

And I have some great news to share:

Due to crazy demand, prices are going UP on all Giclées June 15th! 

Why is that good news for YOU?

If you've collected my Giclées in the past, it's time to upgrade your FREE Certificate of Value to reflect the new price!

Yes! I will mail you a new updated Certificate of Value. 

👍🏽 Congrats on being art savvy in choosing to decorate your walls with my artwork!! 💝

Just click on the link below and let me know where to ship, and I'll work on getting your updated Certificate created, stamped, signed and sent out to you!




Your favorite artist,



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