Friday, June 19, 2015

New Art Easel!

My little easel I've used since college has been replaced with a much bigger and better--fancy pants, "Hughes Easel." I'm in heaven! Didn't realize just how much energy I'd spent in fighting my old easel all day long. Midway through a painting, it would slowly fall backwards. Haha! I was constantly tightening bolts or yanking it up and down with all my strength. I would literally have to stand on its base with my feet to keep it from rocking as I painted! This Hughes Easel, on the other hand, can be moved up or down with the lightest touch of a pinky! It even slides sideways--left to right. And the thing can accommodate even my biggest canvases with ease. I'm in love! 💕 #JensArt #HughesEasels


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