Saturday, September 4, 2010

Art Show in Aspen, Colorado!

Every year I do a one person show for my favorite Art Gallery in Aspen, Colorado -- Royal Street Fine Art.  This year, they asked if I would be willing to teach an art class to about 30 kids, ages 4 to 14.  The local newspaper would be there to do a write up of the event.  I thought it sounded like a lot of fun, so I agreed.  Just as we drove up, after a 20 hour trip, we were told that the kids were already there!  We quickly got everything set up, and 5 minutes later I started the art class.  I taught the kids how to paint one of my chunky Aspen Trees -- much like the tree I do in my "Daydreaming" series.  The vantage point is one looking up a tree through lots of yellow leaves.  I gave each child a 6" x 6" canvas and a palette knife they got to keep.  They were thrilled!  They had a lot of fun building out the thick texture with a knife.  They thought it was quite like "frosting a cake!"

Later that night, Royal Street Fine Art, hosted a Gallery Reception for me.  The Callahan family were visiting Aspen that weekend, and happened by the Gallery.  They love art and after some discussion, they unanimously agreed that my painting, "Colorado Aspens" was the one for them!

When not at the Gallery, Matt and I had fun exploring the town.  We can understand why this little town attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year!  It's a very cute place with great shopping and fantastic restaurants. We rode a ski lift up Aspen Mountain, and lunched at Sundeck Restaurant.  What an incredible view!


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