Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Sherwood Gallery"

To break up the long, 26 hour trip back to Oregon from Scottsdale, we made a few stops along the way. Our first stop was to the Sherwood Gallery in Laguna Beach, which is a beautiful Gallery located right on the main street near the ocean. I really wanted to see where they had hung my 108" x 48" triptych! I was pleased to find it hanging on a prominent wall in the front of the Gallery. I was surprised to discover that my work is the most representational work in the Gallery! Everything else is very abstract and super contemporary. I think it's my extreme use of texture, and bold color, that enables my work to cross over into the contemporary realm. My paintings are an interesting combination of impressionism and modernism. Pictured here with me is the Gallery owner, Donna Gourley, who first discovered my work in Las Vegas at ArtExpo 2007. She is very well known in the art world and I was pleased to join her gallery last year.


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